1.25, new scrub settings

The shiny update
Added by Glen Low over 2 years ago

I have something shiny to show you today!

I really want Instaviz to be a seamless extension of your mind, a tool to let you just think.

So for this new 1.25 release, we've ripped out the old clunky settings panels and installed something far smoother: scrub settings. Just scrub your finger across the bar to quickly get to the settings you want. You can dial in the color you want or pick something from our 18 new arrow shapes. The font picker shows all your fonts and styles faster now. We've redrawn all the style icons in a sublime theme, and the circles bubble when you touch them.

Do DownloadAndInstall Instaviz and take it for a spin. Look through the changes here: 1.25. As we gear up for the public release of 2.0, I would love any and all feedback, bug reports, suggestions and criticisms: issues , forum.

Thanks for your patience with these updates. I'm sure they're worth the wait, and I hope to hear from you soon!

This update features the sweet icon work and hard design of Humaan: Jay Hollywood and friends . I'm always excited to see their next icon reveal or new design idea. This is as much their baby as it is mine!

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