over 3 years late (07/24/2013)

Graph renaming; bug fixes


9 issues   (8 closed1 open)

  • Add graph renaming interface (ref #160):
    • In graphs list file mode, double-tap graph item to start editing
    • Select another item, tap on keyboard or navigation bar "Done" or dismiss the keyboard to end editing.
  • When graph renaming ends, graph is renamed to new uniqued name (fix #160).
  • During graph renaming, the name is now displayed in unbolded font.
  • In file mode, ending graph rename now restores any previous selection.
  • Fix new graph not intuitive for sketching (fix #276)
    • Blank graph does not show instead of showing as small white square
    • Background is now light grey.
    • Canvas shadow is also lighter.
  • Drawing on blank graph now animates canvas opening.
  • Segmented controls segments are now wide enough to show content and resize evenly when device is rotated (fix #278).
  • Increase the width for segmented controls and text fields.
  • "Thickness" setting is now shown as "Thick".
  • Add edge types to graph settings: no edges, single line, multiple lines, right-angled lines and curves (fix #279).
  • Add graph and cluster label positions: top, bottom (fix #274).
  • Fix bad positioning of label text with some fonts e.g. Zapfino text appears outside of node boundaries, displayed and exported labels positioned differently (fix #273).


over 3 years late (12/02/2013)

Minor bug fixes


6 issues   (5 closed1 open)

  • Fix some settings labels truncated e.g. Share Web Protocol (fix #338).
  • Fix black area on keyboard hide and crash on edit after aborting an interactive back gesture on graph in iOS 7 (fix #339).
  • Fix keyboard overlapping graph in iOS 7 (fix #340).
  • Reinstate swipe-to-delete in graphs list (fix #314).
  • Fix emoji in label text making entire text disappear (fix #310).


about 5 months late (01/07/2017)

Minor bug fixes


1 issue   (0 closed — 1 open)

Build 762:
  • Fix crash on save image when sharing (fix #465).