Sketch a graph. Make a point.

When you were young, the grown-ups used to catch you doodling little circles and lines on the back of your exercise books, instead of paying attention to what they said. They didn't realize that sometimes you need to draw things down, how they relate to other things, in order to get them into your head and other people's heads. When you were all grown up yourself, you learnt the grown-up names for these sketches -- mind maps, concept maps, semantic networks, flowcharts, E-R diagrams -- but here we just call them graphs.

Well, now it's your chance to learn (and play!) it your way all over again -- the app that will change everything, for the phone that has changed everything. Instaviz is now available in the App Store.

Start doodling. Like right now.

instaviz-edge.png (28.7 KB) Glen Low, 11/05/2008 01:18 am

instaviz-node.png (28.6 KB) Glen Low, 11/05/2008 01:19 am

meknowyou.png (15.8 KB) Glen Low, 11/05/2008 03:40 am