René Krebs Mikkelsen

  • Localization: Danish
  • Registered on: 07/31/2013
  • Last connection: 03/19/2015



Reported issues: 11


09:46 pm Instaviz Bug #308: Not performing with Apple airplay after change of file
It is not only an airplay issue. It is an external monitor issue. I have had the same problem when connecting with a ...


07:21 am Instaviz Bug #329 (New): Copy Paste placement not userfriendly
When I copy/paste a node in a large graph, the node is placed out of my sight. It should be located close to where I ...


08:49 am Instaviz Bug #328 (Closed): When I (select all) and then press (i button) app crashes
When I (select all) and then press (i button) app crashes - but not for all graphs?


06:28 pm Instaviz Feature #317 (New): Ability to move a cluster
It is a good feature that a single node can be moved around, but it creates a need for the possibilty of moving an un...


04:28 pm Instaviz Feature #316 (New): Extend Select all to cover edges and clusters as well
When I select all, I get the possibility to change the formatting of all shapes.
I would love to be able to do the s...
04:24 pm Instaviz Feature #315 (New): Ability to change the connections of an edge
Sometimes I have added text to an edge, and then find that it should have been connected to another shape.
In these ...


01:11 pm Instaviz Feature #313 (Closed): A formatbrush would be fantastic
If I could have a formatbrush next to cut, copy and delete - when I hold on to the shape
- enabling me to click a s...
01:02 pm Instaviz Feature #312 (Closed): More formatting possibilities for edges
I would like to have better formatting possibilities for text on edges, e.g. Left, middle, right / for both text alig...
11:23 am Instaviz Bug #311 (Closed): Shape formats not remembered
Shapes dont remember their format anymore. In the current version, new shapes take on the format (font, colors etc) f...


08:56 pm Instaviz Bug #310 (Closed): Emoji symbols from alternate keyboard makes text disappear
When entering emoji symbols to a shape, text disappears.
And I receive no warning/errormessage

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