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01:53 pm Instaviz Bug #382 (Closed): Crash editing node settings
Go into Edit Node mode as shown in the attached screenshot.
Without changing any node settings, tap in the grey ar...


05:56 am Instaviz Open: RE: New beta release soon; help us test it!
I now also have a "sacrificial" iPod Touch 5th Gen with iOS7 beta installed. Can register its UDID if you want testin...


03:35 am Instaviz Feature #148 (Closed): Changing shapes through properties
Whilst redrawing shapes is cute and fast, I think Shape Type should also be a selector in the properties. That will a...
02:27 am Instaviz Feature #131 (Closed): Export to SVG
Instaviz should export to the SVG format.


01:37 am Instaviz Bug #67 (Closed): Instavue devices only respond to clicks on the disclosure triangle
The list of devices shows my device in a nice gray colour and fails
to react to a click anywhere other than the tr...
01:03 am Instaviz Bug #66 (Closed): Instavue help topic says NewApplication Help
There is no help and the help topic still says [[NewApplication]] Help.

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