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06:38 pm Instaviz Open: Instaviz Features/Options?
I find the current interface to rename a new document overly complex:
- going to the...


04:07 am Instaviz Beta: Nodes of same weight & Help questions in Beta version...
I thought I remember previous (beta?) versions having this ability:
I want to set two nodes to have the same wei...


08:11 pm Instaviz Bug #354 (Closed): Text input is offset to the left
When creating a list of new objects, drawing a shape, inputting the text, then hitting double enter to auto generate ...


12:34 am Instaviz Open: RE: New beta release soon; help us test it!
Glen Low wrote:
> Brian H -- if you want to maintain a single redmine account, would prefer you register the iPad Mi...


12:22 am Instaviz Open: RE: New beta release soon; help us test it!
I've got both an iPhone 4S and iPad Mini ready to go. I've not registered my Mini's UDID yet.


12:10 pm Instaviz Bug #168 (Closed): Corrupted redraw in "Import" area.
The display of some fields in the "Import" area are corrupted when switching between import methods.
12:07 pm Instaviz Bug #167 (Closed): Unable to open graph edit dialoge on new (empty) graph.
Instaviz is unresponsive to the double click command, used to open the edit dialogue for the graph setting...


03:05 am Instaviz Feature #138 (Closed): Export to DropBox
I was hoping to see if there where any plans to utilize the [[DropBox]] API as an export option. This is especially ...
02:32 am Instaviz Feature #132 (Closed): Breaking lines in label with return key
Would it be possible to enable the "enter/return" have it insert the '\n' and make the Label box multiline capable?


09:21 pm Instaviz Feature #69 (Closed): Horizontal graph layout
It would be nice to have a toggle box to let the user layout the DOT Graph horizontally instead of just vertically.

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