Petri Sirkkala

  • Localization: Finnish
  • Registered on: 08/11/2012
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Reported issues: 9


04:52 pm Instaviz Bug #347 (Closed): Moving last shape from inner cluster to outer one crashes instaviz
1. Make a new shape
2. Make a cluster around the new shape
3. Make another cluster around the shape and the cluster...


04:14 pm Instaviz Bug #276 (Closed): A new document looks awkward and is not intuitive to use
When opening a new document the canvas looks odd. There is a small rectangle document over a large canvas. The intuit...
04:07 pm Instaviz Bug #275 (Closed): The status indicator on sharing popup will not update after sharing is done
For example after the graph has been sent with email the indicator still says "sending email"
04:02 pm Instaviz Bug #272: Graphe title
Oliver de Montréal wrote:
> Graph label doesnt update graph n'aime and title
> (Or Did it change ?)
Yes, I h...
03:59 pm Instaviz Beta: Translations
Is it possible to download the current translation files and send them back with new translations? Would it help?
03:54 pm Instaviz Feature #217: Finnish localization needs update
Additional translations with 1.20
interior = Täyttö
size = Koko
instaviz = Instaviz
protocol = Protokolla
svg = ...


02:24 pm Instaviz Open: RE: New beta release soon; help us test it!
Hi Glen,I would like to participate too.


02:34 am Instaviz Bug #219 (Closed): PixelglowInstavizAdHoc mobile provisioning expires 2011-05-06
Just a heads up.
Mobile provisioning will expire under two weeks.
Sorry to bother if it has already been planned ...


05:05 am Instaviz Bug #218 (Closed): Wide labeled nodes can't be dragged inside a subgraph
When a label in a node is wider than the subgraph box the subgraph will not accept a drag and drop inside it.


04:21 am Instaviz Feature #217 (Closed): Finnish localization needs update
*New phrases:*...

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