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11:00 am Instaviz Bug #259: Crush instaviz beta
iOS 5.01
reinstall don't help
10:50 am Instaviz Bug #259 (Closed): Crush instaviz beta
Instaviz Beta 1.19 crashes after start immediately


01:39 pm Instaviz Feature #246: Choice paper
Replying to [comment:1 glen.low@…]:
> Do you mean graph backgrounds?


10:16 am Instaviz Bug #247 (Closed): New node (don't remember previous style)
When I create new node, system don't remember style ( example font color) of previous node with same type
10:08 am Instaviz Feature #246 (New): Choice paper
Possibility of a choice a paper under the diagram ( for example paper with logo)
09:48 am Instaviz Bug #245 (Closed): I cannot rename graph
I cannot rename graph. I tap on name of graph in upper screen but it happens nothing

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