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03:27 am Instaviz Feature #293 (New): Add option to fix node size
It would be handy to add a property to nodes so that you could fix them to a specific size rather than have them auto...


03:35 am Instaviz Bug #292: Action buttons active when no files are selected
Yes - I noticed this a few times too but had trouble reproducing it.


03:32 am Instaviz Feature #291 (Closed): Add zero line thickness option
On the property menu for a shape there are currently two options for Line Thickness. It would be useful to have a thi...
03:26 am Instaviz Bug #290 (Closed): Cannot move objects with circular layout option selected
The second layout options arranges objects around the base object. It is not possible to drag any of the shapes in th...
03:19 am Instaviz Feature #281: Style copy
I like this suggestion too - would be useful.


03:51 am Instaviz Bug #284: No undo button on iPhone
... Admittedly not quite the same since you can edit stuff in scroll mode and also probably need the undo button ther...


04:21 am Instaviz Feature #285: File rename
I guess my thought was that in file mode it is quite common to select a "file" (graph) and then have a number of acti...
03:59 am Instaviz Bug #284: No undo button on iPhone
Ahh - OK
Personally I don't like the shake - I get the point but I find it just doesn't flow well as part of the e...


11:42 am Instaviz Feature #261: Self-loops
There is a workaround for this.
- create a dummy shape
- draw the lines to and from the source shape to the new sha...


08:38 am Instaviz Feature #286 (Closed): iMenu should toggle
When you press the "i" for settings of various elements it would be good to clear this menu if you touch it again on ...

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